A Tru Diva Loves to Read

The Diva's Closet loves to read, especially about fashion. Here are my favorite fashion books at the moment:

InStyle-"Secrets of Style" -The complete guide to dressing your best everyday.

InStyle-"Instant Style"-Your Season-By-Season Guide for work and weekend.

"Style 101"-What every Stylish Woman should know.

"The Lucky Shopping Manual"-building and improving your wardrobe piece by piece.

"InStyle" -Style 101-What every Stylish Woman should know.

"The One Hundred"- A Guide to the Pieces every Stylish Woman must own Nina Garcia

And my favorite, at the moment, -"Tim Gunn-A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style"

You can find these books at the local library or on the web at www.amazon.com.

Next time, we'll talk about the "must haves" for every Diva's Closet.

And remember, "Attitude is Everything".




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